About Us

We are a passionate team of nature lovers who love to be with nature and protect it. We build natural homes, grow sustainable organic agriculture produce and manage them.

We are natural builders

Homes that are naturally build and sustainable, durable and eco friendly.

Our eco friendly homes built at the most serene locations selected passionately to give a complete and true happiness to both the inhabitants and the nature.

We Help You LIVE Healthy

The Team

Deep passion and strong will to create sustainable living, we are the largest group of people in India from various backgrounds and professions who come together to build and maintain the natural buildings.


Founder and Lead designer & architect. A tech guy having spend most of the career in Information Technology and travelled many countries found the real peace and harmony in natural way of living which is nothing but living with nature.


Software Engineer by profession. Musician by passion and avid nature lover. Do not believe in the rat race driven by the current economic model of the world. Believe in simple living and closely associated with nature.

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