Natural nests for blissful living.

Natural mud homes sustainable and eco friendly for healthy and happy living.

  • Natural Farm homes
  • Organic farms
  • Luxurious holiday resorts


Spend your journey of life with happiness and health!

Architecture & Design

Highly professional and passionate architects experienced hands-on in vernacular architecture and methods. We truly follow the vasthu principles which we believe creates harmony with nature for a happy and peaceful living. We design and setup both interiors and exteriors as well.

Natural construction

We build Vernacular earthen houses complete with natural building material which are 100% eco friendly and long lasting. These homes are highly thermal conductive and sustainable. 

Farm stay

Our natural and luxurious farm houses are a dream to stay places either for short term or long periods. We provide world class eco resorts that will make you absorbed into the caring nature. Our resorts are located at most serene exotic locations near to hills, lakes and forest.

Property management

Our team of experienced management personnel manage the property with utmost care and you will never have to worry about your dream place. We take care of the construction formalities, regulations, approvals, permissions etc, and also the farm yields of your property. We are sincere, honest and patient.

Organic farming

We develop your property into a organic ground and take care of the farm using the natural methods and materials. The farm is completely sustainable and organic with highly nutritious produce. We also take care of the marketing and selling of the farm products and increase your investments.


We provide consulting services relate to property/land identification, land purchase formalities, including legal, government regulations, subsidies for agriculture, loans etc. Whether you are in India or in a foreign land, we accommodate your concerns and take care of your needs sincerely.

Few words

About Us

We are a team of passionate professionals and caring nature lovers who love to build natural buildings which we call as human nests. These houses are eco friendly and sustainable and build based on vernacular architecture and methods.

We design, construct natural building, landscaping, Organic farming, and property management.


You should choose us


Empathetic Approach

We emphatize and understand the nature as much as we understand ourselves. Hence we build homes in complete harmony with surrounding nature, Develop the Fauna and Flora for a sustainable living.


We build eco friendly homes pocket friendly and involve the house owners at every stage of construction including the architecture design, building materials and also the farm development.

Quality Services

We believe that no life on earth is more powerful than nature itself and is unchallenged. We ensure that no compromise on design, materials, methods is permissible and build an ever lasting memory for generations to live.

Certified Experts

We are qualified architects and engineers with hands-on experience in natural building. We not just supervise but we get ourselves involved right from the foundation to roof construction and interiors as well.

Our current projects

We choose the properties closer to the city and at the same time very near to hills, lakes, forests within 100 km maximum. Currently our ongoing projects are at Chikkaballapur &  Doddaballapur in Bangalore rural.

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